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Status: Not Paying
Investment Plans: 8%-12% Daily (30-60 days)
User's Rating: 10.0 / 3

Min: 0.001BTC Lifetime: 14 days
Withdrawal: Instant Monitored: 14 days
Ref.: 5%-2% Support E-mail   SSL DDOS   

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Very Good [email protected]
May 4th, 2018 07:59 PM
0.03256000 BTC has been successfully sent to your Bitcoin account 1FSU7xAPChKRz539UsY3KgGVy6iirjrkx. Transaction batch is 6bf974c5bfad2eff40495e902c99e57a0b3f74de71ae738fb1f68eb512c56421. BIT ELITE LIMITED
Very Good [email protected]
May 2nd, 2018 08:04 PM
Hello Mohamed Tarek. 0.00056000 BTC has been successfully sent to your Bitcoin account 1FSU7xAPChKRz539UsY3KgGVy6iirjrkx. Transaction batch is 3789b31a6990a4588f005d3ddebd1938a940ee46a81eee8d2605eecdd9947602. BIT ELITE LIMITED
Very Good [email protected]
Apr 30th, 2018 03:19 PM
Program still great. Thank to paid for me everytime. I m really like this site.
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Last Votes
I Got total $231 from fixeday. like this program & there support. I think long live program.
Payment Received as usual
$17.84 has been successfully sent to your Perfect Money account . Transaction batch is 371300***. Good program. Paying daily with no worries. Recommended for Investors
I make daily reinvestments here. It is my Best investment company. Fast withdrawal send to me always. Great Paying.
Again withdraw, Amazing site to increase investment. Instant withdraw with hourly return.
Payment Received Instant !!
Really a great paying website. Highly recommended: Payment received..
They reduse permanently payment to 0.03%. Don't recommend for investment
Transaction View information About a bitcoin transaction Batch id:308ce9d52d85043f9c7a414f067800690ec473f68fe48ca7785321fd49a7cd6a 0.0219 BTC
Instant : Ƀ0.2441 e03920e83f130d5c59455e4926d2b17f95730289f5c04bd28cbfb8b75013f362 May-5-2018 00:10:03
WITHDRAWAL Withdraw to account 1AVbXPUPwkDRojw1LqUFEqiPaCPhC8uWq. Batch is 1c79a88e16d914e5b10baa092ffdff704f8da345fc2a05c24d005f12b1f09122
Hello xxx. B0.22405 has been successfully sent to your Bitcoin account 1AVGgg1iWbY3QZxFkcQZ625m4syrozejpe. Transaction batch is eec68ecb8f72476e44411d11c804bb157017bc827de4e062135a429f665866fc.
Paying Instantly B0.2352 has been successfully sent to your Bitcoin account vvxx. Transaction batch is 5509672691de43611133e3e600a639f73793c2b9f6928a603fa9af4b400d22ba
INSTANT B0.1355 has been successfully sent to your Bitcoin account ..... Transaction batch is f1d44e371bf4b124119c1f89675faa655c0f38742909d75953c549cacc96c21b
Thank you! Withdrawal processed. Batch id:ebef5678d4307800ca8a20724436031ab5fb9021c3111e3cfa49ba45c68cd5fc 0.02715 BTC
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